AOL Architects


AOL Architects have provided us with a service second to none, their project updates kept us in the picture at all times.
Brad Smith-General Manager-BAP Developments

AOL Architects innovative civil design solutions created an extra lot for our development worth $280k and their redesign saved us $200k in construction costs, thus a saving of us $480k ! Well done, I have no hesitation in recommending their services to any developer civil or structural.
Peter Peeters-Managing Director-BAP Developments

AOL Architects team have overcome all the challenges we presented them with and scored highly in their innovative structural solutions for our 14 storey reinforced concrete commercial building. Their architectural documentation was all class.
Yu Cai Xue-Director-Horizon Growth

AOL Architects overcame court challenges and a difficult local council to get our development back on track and with a $100k saving by redesigning other consultants’ DA conceptual plans.
Dr Stewart Hunter-Director-Hunter Constructions

AOL Architects got me out of trouble after our other consultant went AWOL.
A speedy resolution.
Chris Walters-Director-ARI Finance

AOL Architects have honesty and integrity and remarkable solutions. They got my developments back on track and saved us on construction costs.
Vinh Truong-Director-Tiviity Gifts